What is it about?

Sky Nymph Marketing is dedicated to designing and writing creative media. Marketing is a tool used by businesses to help build their brand. Sky Nymph Marketing is focused on the individual and personal marketing.

This website is a platform to showcase creative media by Sky Nymph and to create a home base for those looking to collaborate. Sky Nymph Marketing is a network that is available for businesses to utilize for their personal marketing.

Ohh, I see, so who are you?

IMG_1454My name is Trisha Fortney but I prefer to be called Sky. I am a creative director, graphic designer, social media influencer, and soon to be a college graduate. I am a bubbly and straightforward person that is constantly improving the tiny details. I guess you could call me a perfectionist, but only in the details that will be sure to be seen. I believe that there is always room for improvement and once one goal is completed there are three new goals just starting.


What does Sky Nymph Marketing Do?

Sky Nymph Marketing is a hub for creative media and design work. This hub works with businesses who need online media to help promote their business. Sky Nymph Marketing has a network of contributors to help with:

  • Internet Marketing
    • Website Design
    • Social Media Development
    • Online Brand Awareness
  • Creative Media
    • Creative Directing Photoshoots
    • Photographers and Videographers
    • Graphic Design
  • Fashion – Provided by Studio 1144
    • Cut and Sew Studio in Downtown Los Angeles
    • Pattern and Sample Making
    • Full Production and Development

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