Must Haves For Instagram

Instagram is a useful social media platform that showcases many different styles. The basic principles of a professional looking Instagram can be applied to many different genres and topics. The first step to gaining social media presence is to start creating original media and showcasing it on your Instagram. Not all Instagram accounts with large followers need to follow a theme, however, they can start by making a video or picture go viral. This means they gain a very large following, very fast, because of one picture or video that was shared through the internet at lightening speed! Although, creating an Instagram and reorganizing and creating a theme can quickly gain a large following of people who generally care about what’s being posted. Listed below are some necessaries for any style of Instagram, which are the first steps of creating a well presented Instagram page. Keep in mind that every Instagram page is unique and these steps can be used by themselves or a combination of the steps. It completely depends on what works best for that Instagram page.

  • Highest Quality Photos Available

    • The entire point of Instagram is to showcase photos and the better quality photos there are on your page, the better the entire page looks. A professional camera is nice to have to get the very best quality photos, however, it’s not always needed. Phones are improving their quality of photos every year and a high-quality photo will still look great on Instagram.
  • Have a Focused Topic

    • Starting a new Instagram page or revamping an old one, if you want to gain a large following your page must have a topic of interest. Whatever that topic is it must be focused so that it can have an overall complete look. Some common topics that have thousands of Instagram pages already are: photographers, make-up artists, fashion blogs, brands (clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc.), restaurants and food blogs. Each one of these topics is focused and direct.
  • Create and Maintain a Theme

    • Not all Instagram accounts need a theme, however, it makes the overall look of the page very sleek and pleasing to the eye. A theme can be very simple to create and maintain but can be very complex, it depends on the level of involvement the user wants. A very simple theme can be using the same filter for every picture uploaded, this creates a uniform look that is fluid throughout the entire page. A more complex theme can be created by having pictures flow into multiple uploaded photos, an example is shown below.
  •  Stay Active

    • Staying active on your Instagram really affects the amount of followers and engagement you get. Uploading pictures either daily, every other day, or weekly is a great start, but do not stop there. Staying active means commenting back to comments on your pictures, following pages that are similar to yours, liking other pages pictures, and commenting on other pages pictures. As with themes, this involvement is entirely up to the user. High activity will help gain more followers. However, if your page doesn’t have new content regularly, then the followers that are gained won’t stay active.
  • Collaborations

    • Collaborations are great for new pages to gain new followers. A collaboration can be as simple as having another page shout out your own. This means another page is posting a picture with either an image of your profile or one of your own pictures and writing in the caption to follow this person. This really helps gain new followers because your page is being shown to every follower on someone else’s page. Some large following Instagram accounts do promote doing shout outs for other pages, however, be wary doing this, because that page is usually giving shout outs to 100 or more other pages and you won’t get as many followers. Another way to do this is if you personally know someone with a large following and you are able to take a picture with them and they tag you. This will get your Instagram name promoted to other Instagram accounts that do not follow you.

What else?

These tips will really change the overall appearance of your Instagram account. Not all of these tips are needed to create a good account, but if you don’t know where to start, these are good building blocks. With that being said applying these tips will not guarantee more followers but will help open the door to gain more followers. Every page is unique and some tips work better for others, it’s all up to the Instagram user.



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