Your Brand and Pasties Paradise

The push for women empowerment is at an all time high and women are standing together to be more comfortable with their bodies. That being said pasties are a beautiful option that keeps you covered and free. Pasties Paradise is a company dedicated to making 100% water-proof and full-color pasties. Each pastie is designed to stick to clean and dry skin and stay put all night long, with a waterproof guarantee for at least 8 hours.

The amazing thing about this company is that Pasties Paradise makes custom pasties for the individual and wholesale for businesses. These pasties are printed in full color with high-quality detail so even a JPEG image can be created into a pastie.

Making custom pasties makes your logo a wearable advertisement. Pasties can be used for multiple businesses such as surf companies (100% waterproof pasties), DJ’s (perfect merch), body paint artists (custom nude pasties with their logo), Women’s Rights walks, Breast Cancer awareness, and the list goes on!

Women empower women and pasties help free women and keep them covered and comfortable. There are so many possibilities for pasties and helping advertise your business is a small accomplishment they can help with.

Below is a few sample pasties from Pasties Paradise, as well as a link to their website.

Bass For Breasts
Bass For Breasts in a non-profit organization that hosts festivals and donates all the profits to breast cancer research.

To make custom pasties check out Pasties Paradise on their website.


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