Three Tips for Improving Your Website

One of the first improvements to update your marketing for your business is to improve your website. The internet is a huge part of being noticed by new customers. Many new customers will go to your website first creating their first impression of you. Three tips to help make this first impression a lasting one are discussed below.

  • Make it as user-friendly as possible
    • This means every aspect of the website needs to be easy to use and every link must work. Doing this is a simple check that you, an employee, or a friend can do. Get multiple opinions so that you can get a new perspective to make sure the website make sense to not only you but others as well.
  • Make current content
    • Have a blog or upload customer stories weekly or bi-weekly. This creates current content that search engines love to see on websites. You are more likely to get noticed when someone searches for something relative to your website when search engines are happy with your website.
  • Link social media accounts
    • Linking social media accounts will pump current content constantly onto your website. As long as you are keeping your social media account updated and stay active it will help your website look more attractive. By linking your social media accounts to your website it gives your followers a home base, your website, that they can find all information about your business.

These three tips will help make your website more noticeable and search engine friendly.  The biggest tip that I always tell people about their website is to constantly have new information that will keep the user interested. Nothing is worse than a user getting bored on your page or not being able to find what they need and leaving.

Keep them interested!


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