Studio 1144 – Media Critique

Studio 1144 is a Cut and Sew Studio located in Downtown Los Angeles. This studio provides small brands with a go-to spot for all things production when creating new clothing. Studio 1144 is a full-service cut and sew facility that creates patterns, samples, and sourcing for full production. Anyone that has an idea of a design for a new clothing garment, Studio 1144 will be able to make it.

Studio 1144 has a website and an Instagram page as their main online branding. A quick look at both their website and Instagram will show you that there is a lot of room for improvement. A few changes that I think would benefit them best are discussed below.

  • Create an About Page

    • On their current website, there is a short blurb about what they do as a company but other than that there is no true About Page on their website. By including an About Page, it will help users understand who they are as a company and give them credit as a cut and sew business. In this page, they will be able to introduce the owners and who they are behind the scenes.
  • Service Page

    • By adding a service page, the user will be able to find directly a page dedicated to exactly what they do as a company. On their home page currently they have a short blurb about what they do but it is only in a description instead of telling the users to what extent they can help the customer. By adding a service page they will be able to go in depth about each service they offer and really tell the user exactly what they do and how they can help them.
  • Creating and Maintaining Fresh Content

    • On their Instagram page, there is some example of the work they have done but it is pretty bare on their website. By including customer photos and stories on their website, it will give them credibility for new customers look to see examples of their work. By creating a blog or customer stories page on their website they will be able to add fresh content that will benefit the customer in showing them what Studio 1144 can do, and make search engines happy by having new content.

By improving on these three areas I think Studio 1144 will be able to have a much better online presence. By improving their website and adding fresh content, search engines will more notice the website more and it will be overall easier to search for. By updating new content regularly their Instagram account will become more active and more people will follow.

Below I have attached a catalog that Sky Nymph Marketing created for them a few months ago.

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